Face Masks 

The Nitty-but-not-Gritty

We followed the April 13, 2020, CDC recommendations to use homemade cloth face coverings for personal use and save medical-grade masks for healthcare workers. We tried out many styles and made adjustments to improve fit and comfort. Each face mask is cut and assembled by hand, then sewn on a professional-grade sewing machine in a clean, smoke-free environment. We check every mask to ensure that the quality and features of the masks are consistent. Safety and comfort are top priorities in the design and construction of our masks, because we want them to help protect the wearer, and an uncomfortable mask is an unworn mask. 

Features of our masks include the following:


  • 3-ply protection: built-in cotton t-shirt cloth filter in between tightly-woven cotton cloth

  • No stitches or openings across the nose and mouth area

  • Full-length, padded nose bridge for all-day comfort and a close, customizable fit

  • Adjustable head and neck ties for optimal comfort and a close, customizable fit

  • Prewashed and dried with high heat for cleanliness and to minimize shrinkage

  • Washable, dryable, reusable


The Backstory

We are a budding greeting card business making… FACE MASKS?? It’s a little odd, we know, but it’s not as strange as it sounds. We are not having an identity crisis; we are simply doing our part to address a critical need for cloth face masks. What started out as a “quick” project of making a few face masks for family members has turned into something that we hope grows, for the time being, into a project that will benefit people way beyond our own little circle. 


Like you, we have loved ones we want to keep safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times, in the looming shadow of COVID-19. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to know what to do and how best to help those we care about. When the CDC announced that wearing cloth face coverings helps to slow the spread of the coronavirus, an opportunity presented itself. We took Arthur Ashe’s advice for achieving greatness and applied it to helping our community of friends and family: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Well, we just so happened to be at home, with quite a bit of time on our hands. We had access to the materials required to make masks. We had sewing machines and knew how to use them. We could make cloth masks.


So, we found ourselves making first 20 masks, then 40, then hundreds…and that was just for family and friends! Well, because we made so many masks, and made small improvements all along the way, we eventually fine-tuned our process and our product, and realized that we could continue to make our high-quality, comfortable face masks available to others. You can purchase our masks on our Etsy shop at: www.etsy.com/shop/dearalicegreetings. We are donating 5% of our proceeds to the Idaho Food Bank, to help feed those in need during this time of hardship.


It is truly inspiring to see how many individuals and businesses alike are coming together to do what they can to provide support to our fellow human beings in this time of need. We are humbled and honored to be doing our part.

About Us

We are two sisters, living in Boise, Idaho, with a shared dream of harnessing our creativity and our desire to foster meaningful connections with those around us. Because of COVID-19 and its unexpected, highly-disruptive impact on our previously-planned lives, we have postponed launching our “real” business so that we could do our part to address the critical and more immediate need for cloth face masks. Eventually, though, our focus will be creating beautifully-designed, high-quality greeting cards with original artwork that bring joy to the people who buy them and the people who receive them. 


We depend on a good cup of coffee; we delight in a good cup of coffee with a loved one. We enjoy a cheerful text; we cherish a heartfelt, handwritten card or letter. While we like email because it is fast and efficient, we adore snail mail because it is intimate and personal. We prefer quality over quantity. We aspire to see beauty and wonder in the world around us, and to leave it better than we found it.


To promote joy and kindness and help people connect,
one heartfelt greeting at a time.

Our Inspiration


“Why ‘Dear Alice Greetings’?” you might wonder. Well, in order to understand the “why,” you must first understand the “who.” Alice was our mom’s name. And, yes, she was a dear and genuine person. She was a beautiful human being, inside and out. She taught us the importance of being kind and thoughtful, and she showed us how to be kind and thoughtful to others. Though she was modest and never pushed herself onto others, she had a keen sense of the ways in which she could do little, meaningful things to show others that she cared. With a written note here, or a sweet treat or token gift there, she would quietly reach out; in doing so, she positively impacted the lives of those around her. 


Mom’s unassuming ways and the evident joy it gave her to give joy to others elevated the act of spreading kindness from being merely a social responsibility to a sort of privilege and artform, to be carried out with thoughtfulness and style. She was both creative and elegant in an easy, “born with it” kind of way, and she always employed her magic touch to show she cared. 


So, that’s a little of the “who.” 


As for the “why,” we chose “Dear Alice Greetings” as part tribute to our dear mom, and part standard of excellence – a standard that was set impossibly high by her example, but that we strive for, nonetheless. We hope that cards by Dear Alice Greetings inspire kindness and thoughtfulness in the people whose lives are touched by them, much as our mom touched the lives of those around her. We love the way we feel when we open a card from someone who was thinking of us, and read, “Dear -------,” followed by kind words of friendship, love, comfort, or caring, so it brings us great happiness to know that someone sent or received one of our cards.